Puppetmaster Combat Robot: Tangled Marionette
Class: BotBash Class A (12.9lbs rolling)
Drivetrain: 4 wheel chain drive
2x Pittman 5.9:1 24v Gear Motors
Power: Electric, 21.6VDC Nominal, 1800mAH
Control: Futaba 6XA R/C Set (72mHz) (mk1)
Hitec RCD Lynx3D (75MHz)(mk2)
Chassis: Machined 6063 Aluminum Extrusion
Armor: 1/8" Aluminum and 2mm Carbon Fiber
Weapon: Spikes & Speed
Plus Titanium Wedge (mk2)
Competitions: BotBash 2002: 7th Overall, Lightweight
BotBash 2001: 4th Overall, Lightweight
Winner, Lightweight Rumble

Mk2 Build Report
Deployment Report - BotBash 2002
Mk1 Build Report Part 1
Mk1 Build Report Part 2
Deployment Report - BotBash 2001
Team 2001

The Puppetmaster Robotics Team is grateful to the following:
Kartboy Kustoms
for sponsoring our robot Tangled Marionette in 2001.

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