Puppetmaster Robotics: 2002 Team
Still having fun. Name, Age: Mike 'Herbie' Herbst, 27
Position: Designer, Machinist, Financier, Pilot
Real-World Job: Firmware Engineer, Motorola BCS
Influences: Mechanically: Team Cosmos, Carrol Smith
Musically: Clapton, Hendrix, Gilmour
Gravitationally: Earth, Sol
Gastronomically: Emeril Lagasse, Alton Brown
Designated Hitter Rule: Against.
Peeve: Loud-Talkers
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Most oft used Movie Quote: "He Chose... Poorly."

100% Robobabe! Name, Age: Kimberley Newmark-Herbst
Position: Tangled Marionette Co-pilot, Team Line Manager/Nag. "Are you charging your batteries?" "Do you need this radio clip?"
Real-World Job: Department of Economics Academic Services Assitant, UCSD
Influences: my family, any book I'm reading, Trading Spaces, oh yeah, and fashion magazines
Designated Hitter Rule: Against.
Peeve: Pushy People, SUV's, Sneezes that won't Sneeze
Favorite Holiday: Well, I am not working in retail this year, maybe it can finally be Christmas
Most oft used Movie Quote: "You keep on using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Bob Kleemann, Author: Evil Geniuses for Dummies Name, Age: Bob 'Insert Evil Nickname Here' Kleemann
Position: Extra hands, eyes, ears, and mind
Real-World Job: Web Software Engineer, MusicMatch.com
Influences: Robotically: Hollywood robots and the creations from the Hollywood engineers in the sport.
Technologically: Anything that frees the creative process and inspires the next big wave.
Gastronomically: Fresh flavors!
Socially: Anything which breaks stereotypes and cliches.
Designated Hitter Rule: I don't care as long as the sport stops raping the players, fans, and sport itself.
Peeve: Lawyer inspired sigs at the bottom of emails.
Favorite Holiday: Christmas is great. So is Valentines Day. Also my birthday, but thenagain, I repeat myself. ;-)
Most oft used Movie Quote: "Now these babies tend to heat up, so shoot in 3 second bursts. In the event of capture I will personally distribute these cyanide capsules to be placed under the tongue like so."

2001 Team

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