Puppetmaster Robotics: 2000 Team
The Man Who Makes It Happen Name: Mike 'Herbie' Herbst
Position: Lead Designer, Operator
Age: 25
Real-World Job: Firmware Engineer, Motorola BCS
Most Admired: John Browning
Favorite Robot: Autonomous Mobile Sword, Class 1 (Improved) *
Quote: "I wouldn't put my hand in there if I were you..."

Bob Kleemann, Author: Evil Geniuses for Dummies Name: Bob 'Insert Evil Nickname Here' Kleemann
Position: Devil's Advocate Engineer, Logistical Support
Age: 25
Real-World Job: Software Engineer, Stone Analytics, Inc.
Most Admired: Mark Setrakian
Favorite Robot: R2D2
Quote: "It needed breaking anyways..."
* 10 points for knowing the movie this is from. Hint: Its based on a Phil Dick short story

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