Previous Sponsors:
Puppetmaster Robotics would like to thank the following for helping to make our robots possible:
Jim Wilson of Wilson Tool & Machine
Jim Wilson is a new sponsor for 2003. Jim graciously helped me out with some of the more complex machining operations for Dozer Mk2, our 30lb entry for BotBash by the Sea. The work was solid and fast. Anyone in San Diego should look him up if you need machining work done. Thanks Jim!

Tom Deadrick and Kartboy Kustoms
Tom is the part of the Kartboy Kustoms team that designs high performance products for late model Subarus. Aside from being a killer machinist, Tom is also a smokin' race driver and makes a regular habit of stomping on 2wd powered cars at the Autocrosses. Mike has had Kartboy Kustom performance products in his Subarus since the beginning, including the new Puppetmaster-Robotics Robo-wagon, a 227hp Turbocharged All-Wheel-Drive "Fraggin-Wagon" that the team uses for transporting robot equipment at nearly extralegal speeds. Tom did the welding for Dozer's flipping arms, and he also generously helped us out with machining work for Tangled Marionette, our 12lb BotBash entry for 2001/2002.

Dan Danknick and Team Delta
Team Delta has generously supported the Dozer and Scarab projects by cutting us an unbeatable deal on the NiCd battery packs we'll be using. Dan is a legend in the sport and pursues similar goals of spreading the knowledge and excitement for this sport and science in general. Much of the info-sharing on this website is modeled after his work in an effort to "pass on the favor" and give the same enthusiasm and head-start information to future builders in the same way I learned from him. His visits to local schools reminded me of similar experiences in my past, and inspired me to make using Dozer as a teaching tool a priority.

The Nokia Mobile Phones San Diego Product Creation Center
Home of CDMA Technology
Mike's former employer Nokia has a company-wide commitment to advancing technology and community service. Nokia provided support for our 2000 Botbash Entry "Scarab" and we planned to take the robot to area Elementary and Middle Schools to help get children excited about education in the sciences. Scarabs untimely demise prevented these field trips but we promise to follow up with future robots.

New Sponsors:

Puppetmaster Robotics is not currently seeking any sponsorship, but if you've got a project involving robotics, electronics, etc., we'd love to hear about it!

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