Additional Scarab Pictures

I was asked by a magazine interviewer to send in some higher quality pictures of Scarab. I couldn't fit the big ones on the site, but here are a few extra photos from that shoot. A big thanks to my buddy Steve Haehnichen for shooting these on such short notice!


Finally! A decent shot of Scarab with the top armor on. You can see the snazzy beetle paintjob I tried to apply at 2am before we left for BotBash...
The Obligatory Batman Shot (props to Dan Danknick's Agamemnon report). Shows where the rear pulleys would have been had we not cannibalized the flexing tensioning bar in an abortive attempt to rebuild during the competition.
Another good shot for seeing all of the internals. Better lighting than when I took the picture previously. EV Warrior motors, Paintball Tank, Regulator, Vantec, etc. are all easily visible.
One more shot. I still would've like to see what that spike could have done to another robot... Someday. Scarab MkII!

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