Puppetmaster Robotics News Archive 2000-2001
June 26, 2002
Puppetmaster Robotics is proud to announce that we will be hosting the new BotBash Robotic Combat Forum. We will be the official forum for Announcements, Competitor Information, and discussions on the exciting new MERC Fighting Format. Log in today and get yourself ready for BotBash 2002 (September 13-15)!
February 18, 2002
We've transferred to new hosting from JumpDomain. Please bear with us for a few days as things get moved over. We'll be able to offer some exciting new features when the switch is complete so check back soon!
UPDATE: See the news page for more info, but please steer your business away from JumpDomain!
October 11, 2001
Tangled Marionette Build Report and Initial Deployment Report are up! We got some better shots on our film camera, and those should be developed by the end of the week. Check back later for more shots of the carnage.
October 8, 2001
We're back from Bash! It was a GREAT weekend event. We'd like to say a special thank you to Bob Pitzer and his family for their hard work. Thanks too to everyone else who helped make the weekend what it was. Tangled Marionette finished in 4th overall (with a 4-2 record) and Won the Lightweight Rumble! Full build and event reports will be up soon, so check back often.
October 5, 2001
BotBash is upon us! Tangled Marionette is almost ready. In typical fashion I'm putting the finishing touches and armor on tonight. We're excited about the trip and my wife even bought me a ballcap embroidered with the website URL. See you in Phoenix!
September 3, 2001
BotBash 2001 is just around the corner! Work has been progressing on my 12lb entry Tangled Marionette. After seeing the killer "flyweight" robots being turned out for the NERC, I wanted in on the fun. We'll leak a few details in the coming weeks, but as always we like to do things in the "Skunkworks", so you'll just have to wait for the event.
July 17, 2001
I've added a few new Pictures to the Scarab page. These were taken by friend Steve Haehnichen for a magazine article I was recently interviewed for. On another note: I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates in the last year. Some personal issues took the wind out of my sails late 2001 and I'm just starting to get back into the swing of things. I've started work on a 12lb entry for BotBash this year, so stay tuned for more info on that!
November 7, 2000
Team Delta calls upon Puppetmaster Robotics!
Big News! A month or so ago I was invited to join Team Delta in Battlebots Las Vegas! I'll be helping Dan, Tony, and the rest of the team out with the Super-Heavy "War Machine" and the Lightweight "Evil Fish Tank!" (MkII). This is a BIG honor for me since Team Delta is an icon in the sport, and I feel personally indebted to Dan Danknick for his support of my fledgling building activities. If you'll be in the pits, stop by and say 'Hi'.
September 14, 2000
I've added a new FAQ Page. I generated this based on a lot of the new questions being asked on the BattleBots Forum, after the recent influx of attention following the Comedy Central TV Show.
August 11, 2000
The Scarab Build and BotBash 2000 Deployment reports are finally online! Thanks for everyone for being patient!
April 26, 2000
Puppetmaster Robotics will be competing at BotBash 2000! on May 5-7. This event has grown a lot since last year and we're excited to be participating. Look for build diary updates on our secret skunkworks-developed bot "Scarab" coming soon!
March 28, 2000
The News Page at http://www.battlebots.com has been updated. The good news is that it seems that the January Pay-Per-View has generated a flurry of interest and activity. Battlebots is talking about a WEEKLY TV SHOW!! The bad news for Puppetmaster Robotics is that the news confirmed a June timeframe for the next event. We contacted Battlebots to get a date nailed down. They haven't officially announced the dates, so I will respect that here, but I WILL say that the dates DO conflict with my Honeymoon. BUMMER DAYS!! So, all we can do is continue work on Dozer and hope that the next competition is not too far behind. Many people have already written or joked that Battlebots would make a good honeymoon destination. However, if you'd ever seen my future wife, there's no way in hell you'd give up 10 days on a deserted beach in Hawaii with her either!
March 7, 2000
Puppetmaster Robotics is proud to announce its affiliation with Team Delta. Dan Danknick has always been a big help in answering many of our stupid questions. Now, he has gone one step further and is helping us to meet our goals while keeping to our meager budget by making us an unbeatable deal on NiCad batteries!
March 3, 2000
February Status Report Posted. Actual progress is being made!

Also, I've posted the e-mail that was sent to those who'd signed up for the info-mailer on the Battlebots Website. Looks as though a Bay Area Competition in June is being considered.

February 10, 2000
Puppetmaster Robotics is very pleased to announce its affiliation with the Nokia Mobile Phones San Diego Product Creation Center! Nokia's generosity will go a long way to helping the Puppetmaster Team get "Dozer" ready to compete in the next Battlebots Competition!
February 9, 2000
Site Created! "Dozer" status reports and specs to come online soon!

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