Updated 08/29/2002

Battle Organizations, Info Forums:

BotBash Robotic Combat Forum
Robot Wars
SORC - Society of Robot Combat
Battlebots Forum
SORC Forum - Becoming Defunct
Robot Wars Forum (read only archives)

Sources of parts and supplies:

B.G. Micro - Surplus Electonics, etc.
C&H - Surplus Electronics and mechanical
Herbach and Rademan - Surplus electronic and mechanical, motors, etc.
Alltronics - Surplus Electronics, etc.
All Electronics - Surplus Electronics, etc.
Northern Tool - Tools, wheels, chain transmission components
Grainger - Industrial Supply
McMaster-Carr - Industrial Supply
WM Berg - Precision Gear Products
American Science & Surplus - Surplus motors, batteries, gears, pulleys, and ?
Palmer Pursuit Products - Custom paintball and CO2 equipment (GREAT guy!)
Industrial Metal Supply - The holy land. Great deals on remains stock and Steel and Al by the pound.
Team Delta Engineering - RC Interfaces, Motors and other combat specific robot parts - Great collection of robot and electronic guidebook, fiction, toys, etc.
Surplus Center: 1-800-488-3407 - No website, but ORDER the catalog, you won't be sorry!
KCI - Carbon Fiber Composites and Robot Combat Friendly
Linco Casters - SoCal distributor for Colson Casters

Radio and Speed Controllers:

Team Delta Engineering - IFI ESCs, RC Electronic Interfaces to switches, h-bridges, etc.
Vantec - Tank Drive dual channel controllers
4QD - Single channel controllers with BIG power for a cheaper price
Tower Hobbies - Radios, batteries, chargers, small ESC's, etc.

Sites with "How-to's" and useful info for new builders:

Team Delta - Top 10 Questions Answered - Excellent overview!
Team Hercules Battle Robot Tips - Great detail and excellent graphical illustration of "Tank Drive" + more!
Coolrobots "Build a Robot" Guide - Step by step, it doesn't get any easier!
The Wedge of Doom - Tony B's excellent tips section. Good details on battery and charger tech. A must read!
Team Saber - Click on "Hints/Info"
Biohazard - A whole collection of valuable tips. Carlo is one of the undisputed masters of Combat Materials Engineering in this sport. He knows his stuff. Now you can know his stuff too.

Other Robot Builders:

I'm sorry to say that I've long since given up keeping an active list of all of the cool builders out there, there are just too many! So, I'll just list my current favorites and for a comprehensive list, please visit Jim Smentowski's EXCELLENT automated link system HERE.

Team Delta Battle Robots
Raptor Robotics
Team Coolrobots
Team Cosmos
Robot Warriors Team Minus Zero
The Wedge of Doom